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Camp Inquiry 2015: To Believe or Not To Believe

OMG. Seriously?! Get out. You’re kidding! For real? No way.

There are nearly as many ways to express doubt and disbelief as there are things that make us doubt and disbelieve. But how do we respond to the mysterious and miraculous, the incredible and extraordinary? How do we determine whether to believe it or not?

The digital age makes available a barrage of information—information that’s immediately accessible but also murky with mistakes, half-truths, and contradictions. It can be tricky enough for adults to filter fact from fiction, but it can be even more challenging for young people. While kids are increasingly tech-savvy, they are also still developing their unique identities, making the deluge of possible answers to their questions all the more influential and impactful.

Camp Inquiry doesn’t have all the answers. Believe it or not, Camp Inquiry encourages youth to believe it . . . or not . . . and then to keep asking, exploring, challenging, expressing, responding, wondering, and working out their own answers by developing their own powerful reasoning abilities.

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